Stiffness of Neck  & Shoulder pain

"After starting care and getting the corrections I noticed I had increased mobility, overall function of my left hand improved and I can be more active again. Not only that, but this care also freed my mind and body overall. I would absolutely recommend this care to anyone and I have!"  -  Milena Mateeva

High Blood Pressure

"I originally came in for my back stiffness, but now I have experienced much more. My body started to regulate my blood pressure on it's own and my medical doctor had to take me off of my blood pressure medication because it ended up dropping back to normal. My blood pressure has stabilized ever since."  - Benjamin Satterfield​


These are Real results and experiences from our community. 

Chronic Fatigue

"I  just feel a lot better and I’ve noticed improvements in all aspects of my daily life. It has been wonderful to feel good again. Dr. Miranda listens and explains everything you are going to go through."   - Donna Thompson​

Double Vision, Headaches  & Low Back Pain

"After starting care I had fewer and less extreme headaches, the double vision was not as bad and now I am able to rise from a seated position more easily. I am experiencing less stomach discomfort and more mobility.”   - Dennis Geivett

Neck pain, Headaches & balance Issues after a Concussion

“After staring care, I noticed more range of motion in my neck, no more pain and my whole body just felt better. I was sleeping better and felt good physically and mentally. I used to take melatonin to sleep at night, but since I have been getting care I do not need to anymore. I also no longer get headaches and have not had any balance issues."    - Javier Cabral

TMJ & Digestive Issues

"I noticed improved digestion and TMJ symptoms. Since starting care only 2 months in, I have not taken a single pain pill, the acid reflux that I suffered with for 10 years subsided and I no longer need daily medication for it or for my allergies.  These positive changes have given me a sense of freedom that I did not have before.”    - Courtney Satterfield

Upper  cervical chiropractic care

FUnction Better - Live Well - Pursue Purpose 

Anxiety & Headaches

"I had more energy, more flexibility and easier movements.  My health has drastically improved and I no longer need to take tylenol or anxiety medication like before. I am able to work and play without having to take breaks. My function has improved and I am able to concentrate better without the pain my body was in before." 

 - Melissa Leinweber

 Dizziness, Migraines  & Mental Fog

" This care allowed me to have fun with my baby again, think clearly, and have more energy to chase my daughter around or play dress up." - Darlene Witham


We do not claim to cure or treat any disease or condition. These are just statements from people like yourself who received great benefit from Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.